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YOU are needed!

As some of you already know, I write for www.soccerlens.com. Recently, the question of homosexuality in football and "football porn" has been creeping up on the site.
So, me being me, I asked the editor if he'd be interested in a report about the football slash fandom (he knows that I write slash fic) as a completely different pov to the usually homophobic football environment.

Anyway, I'd be glad if some of you could answer these questions for me (comments will be screened; you can also send your answers via PM or to my hotmail address). You would help me a vast deal and I'd of course protect your identity.So... Please???? *makes Nando puppy eyes*

1. How did you get into the football slash fandom? Do you write fic or do you only read it?

1b. How did you feel about football slash when you heard about it for the first time? Did you go "ugh" or were you just curious?

1c. Why, do you think, is football slash so popular (and mainly with girls)?

2. Do you have any favourite pairings or do you read everything that comes your way?

3. Are there any contents (for example violence) you don't read?

3b. How did you feel when you stumbled across an R-rated fic for the first time?

4. What influence has football slash had on you watching football matches? Do you look out for, say, Stevie/Xabi moments on the pitch? Are there matches you only watch because of one pairing you like and want to see interact?

5. Football slash and real world: we like searching for "evidence" and "moments" of a pairing, but how high do you think the chance is that, say, Sergio and Fernando might actually be together? Do you honestly think that the fandom has unearthed a "real pairing" or, at least a "real gay footballer"?

5b. How strongly, in your opinion, is football slash influenced by reality? Are we just delusional chicks who'd love to see the two hottest men together? How regular are these "moments" everyone keeps talking about? And aren't we sometimes a bit blind when Stevie hugs Dirk Kuyt maybe a lot longer than Xabi and we still interpret this second hug as a sign of true love?

6. Fic is alright, but what's your reaction about explicit art (ignoring the fact that you might like or not like the pairing)?

7. How would you react if one (or several) players actually came out?

8. Anything you think I missed out on or would just like to add?

Honestly, I'd be grateful like, forever! Have a deadline until next week, so fast answers would be very welcome :)


PS: I also need all kinds of slashy pictures, so spam me!!