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There's nothing like... life

Babblings of a Baboon

Ouch, bios - I've never been too good at these. Either they are too long (seven pages with details about my life) or three sentences, showing you how little goes on in my life. And that I can write pretty long sentences.

About me:

- my real name is Steffi (well, my real real name is Stefanie but I reckon no one's ever called me that), I'm 21 (gosh, how old that sounds!) and am currently spending a study exchange year in Poitiers in France.
- I'm German and an avid fan of our national team.
- And maybe even more of Liverpool FC!!
- I love reading. One of my favourite authors is without a doubt JKR - Harry Potter got me into the whole fanfiction community -, her books are simply amazing! Same goes for Alexandre Dumas, whom I've only discovered recently and who's the first author who got me into reading 1300 pages of 19th century French :) His plot development is fantastic and I've never read more thrilling books. Oh, and I adore Heinrich Heine's poems.
- Next to reading, I love my music. I've been plawing the flute for years and I'm playing in several orchestras. It's the best cure against any pain or lovesickness.
- Then, writing. I think I've always been writing. I've still got stuff I wrote when I was really young - a novel about a young girl running away from home - and I'm still dreaming of finishing my NaNo novel. Really finishing, not just getting my 50.000. In the meantime, however, I'm writing fanfiction, most of which can be found on this journal.
- Fanfiction. Well, it started with Harry Potter a long, long time ago. Right now, I've disappeared in the football slash fandom. My current favourite pairing is Sernando, my first OTP were Stevie / Xabi. Most of my fics are Liverpool-centric.
- this journal is f-locked. If you want to friend me, just drop me a note. new friends are always much love!

Ah, and if you're interested in football fanfics, please drop by at our community hellosailortale / pimping over

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